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Let it begin!

Sorry I started late, but I stepped in at Scott Grimes calling Noah Wyle a douchebag. Sweet.

It cracks me up that Anthony Edwards felt compelled to compliment Charlie's Angels.

Goran Krblckzistan is such a himbo. God, I freakin' love him. "Oh, this show! Lalalalalala!"

Are they shooting Stamos in a weird profiley way? Does he have a melty face like Mel Gibson in The Man With a Melty Face?

Okay: did Scott Grimes go to the gym before shooting this retrospective? I hope so. I hope he worked his quads. I'd like to work his quads. I JUST WANT TO RUB MY FACE ON HIS FACE.

And Goran saying "You have to be on top of things" made me laugh far harder than it should have.

Okay, between Shane West being all "Nope" re: the med jargon and the long clip of Gates doing med jargon? Come on, guys. Stamos is basically a fungi. Don't make him look like a genius.

I love that Sherry Stringfield sounds bored with the formula even now. Ha ha ha. "They were the heroes every time."

"Their foibles, their mistakes, hitting them with helicopters, exploding them in Iraq, hitting them with another helicopter..."

I love watching Maura Tierney grit her teeth through the whole "flawed heroes" bit. Dude, why can't we just go out for beers with Maura so she can talk about what a clusterfuck her storyline turned into.

Someone please tell me, as I am ignorant, what La Salle is rocking on his noggin.


I love the Romano retrospective. I think it's nice that they're paying tribute to the biggest a-hole that they killed off in the most ridiculous fashion imaginable.

I love AE's Evil Twin goatee. That was during his Tormented PTSD years, right?

Are they shooting Margulies so far back because her plastic surgery is horrifying?

The promos for Third Watch 3.1 crack me up.

Understatement of the year: "There have been several car crashes..."

Scott Grimes TiVoing and slo-moing the chopper crash? WHY WASN'T THERE A WEBCAM IN THAT ROOM?

Okay, their attempts to convince me the show could do comedy? Stick to your 10/9 CST job of blowing shit up, guys. Some of those storylines/characters blew.

Although watching someone get clotheslined? Always awesome. Even if it's Ray.

"It really put, front and center, social issues. SOCIAL. ISSUES. SOCIAL ISSUES RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES."

James Cromwell with a beard. I probably want to watch that subplot.

"Again, I am Angela Bassett. I am here for the paycheck. Also, they let me bring my bangin' husband on as a guest star."

Dude, watching Khandi Alexander fall apart breaks me up. It's so sad to me she's wasting on CSI: Miami.

Alex Kingston so crazy. But it's nice that she's so attached to the material. I totally didn't see Marky Mark die.

Awwww, Laura Innes. That was sweet. And Parminder being all "I missed my Shane West friends."

Oh, Grimes. Why do you have to hang out with him?

Okay, question answered re: Margulies. Her face is wonked.


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