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Dear Yuletide Writer,

There's a growing movement about the correct way to write a Dear Santa letter. So I'm going to try to be less flip and more detailed this year...but not so detailed that I make it impossible for you to paint your pictures 'bout how it's gonna be in a trailer by the sea...

My general likes: witty banter, stories written around/about friendship, making out, sexytimes, acknowledgment of canon, canon.

My general dislikes: incest, rape, mprg, wings/transmutations, slash if canon gives you a 60%-80% chance two people wouldn't have sex together, the word "cock" (sorry, perhaps I've not yet emotionally matured to the point where that word doesn't make me do a combined eyeroll-titter)

As always, thank you so much!

1. RPF - Baseball (Ted Lilly, Ryan Dempster, Ryan Theriot, Mike Fontenot)

At the risk of getting carried away, I love Theodore Roosevelt Lilly III. A good friend said he looks "like the nervous kid from Parenthood," which I thought was pretty apt. You add that to his quiet, dry sense of humor and his not-as-demonstrative-as-Zambrano temper and drive (getting thrown out of a game arguing balls and strikes...when he wasn't even pitching)--plus he's a "crafty lefty"... I think he's great, and made-up stories about him are something I've been dying to read.

What makes him even greater--and my number one request about said made-upstories--is his BF friendship with Ryan Dempster, who is the more obviously extroverted, goofy one, what with his claims to be ninja training and his pivotal role in a short film about flying monobrows. He is Canadian. Like, Dan Aykroyd levels of Canadian.

I don't want sex or slash. I want friendship. I want clubhouse banter or an AU where Ted and Ryan are detectives or Regency heroes or cowboys. I would even shamefacedly admit that I wouldn't mind reading about how their friendship changed and grew during Ryan's personal struggles this year.

I added The-Riot and Mike Fontenot, because if they make a cameo or are equal partners in the story, clearly, I would love it.

Any of the Cubs would be welcome additions as characters or cameos, and I'd include Mark DeRosa in that welcoming as well.

Some of my favorite Ted Lilly videos/stories of the year:
1. Ted Lilly roots for Reed Johnson's return
2. Ted's rehab start with the Peoria Chiefs; talks about the surgery that sent him into rehab assignment
3. Ted Lilly's reaction to St. Louis booing him at the All-Star Game
4. Ted Lilly ejected from a game for arguing balls and strikes on behalf of Ryan Dempster.
5. Lilly starts his season off with a no-hitter through 6+

2. "What's Your Mama's Name, Child?" (all)

I don't know what it is about Tanya Tucker's two story songs, "Delta Dawn" and "What's Your Mama's Name, Child?" but they remind me of the settings for William Faulkner's short story "A Rose for Emily" and Kate Chopin's "Desiree's Baby," this spooky Reconstruction South where women wait for decades for a long-gone suitor and men are apparently tried and convinced in a court of law for the mere appearance of impropriety.

A story about Buford Wilson and the unnamed Mama's love affair, a story about the girl's life growing up with Mama, something explaining the arrest and decline of Buford Wilson...I'd be interested to read someone's interpretation of the text.

That said, inclusion of the lyrics is not necessary.

Lyrics to the song

3. Georgette Heyer - Sylvester (Phoebe, Sylvester, Tom Orde)

I loved this book so much, but I particularly loved Tom Orde, the scrappy, good-hearteded like-a-brother young man who would have married Phoebe if necessary, but would have done so with a great deal of resignation in his heart. I'd love to read incidental scenes, epilogue, stories about Sylvester and Tom friendship and/or Phoebe and Tom friendship, or Tom POV. Bonus points if you manage an AU baseball story.

The Wikipedia entry on Sylvester. Available at your local library or your friendly neighborhood bookseller.

4. You've Got Mail (Joe Fox, Kathleen Kelly)

You would think I'd be satisfied with the happy ending involving a dog and a flower garden, right? But I'd love to hear about the "ever after" for these two: where does Kathleen end up working? Do Joe and Kathleen move in together? Which darling New York neighborhood do they choose? What is their sex life like (I know! Ever since "When Harry Met Sally," I have a hard time imagining any Ephron characters have sex!)? Even the incidental stuff like Joe meeting Birdie and Joe and Kathleen attending Frank's wedding to the "Thank your" Republican interviewer. I'd love it all. If you want to go goopy and include a holiday theme, more's the better.


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