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Kate and I watched Gavin DeGraw's new video on VH1 on Sunday.
1. He don't want to be oh chariot, guys. He do want to be Adam Levine, judging from the production on the single. Do they all go to the same recording studio?
2. That hat? Really? Really?
3. Kristin Z.Cavaricci from Laguna Beach? Really? Really? Though she really sells the lingerie montage. She's no Heidi Maytag from The Hills, but I guess she's good enough for a Dane Cook of Pop Music vid.

[ profile] piecesofalice took time from her busy manifesto writing (which she's crafting in her underground bunker, by the light of a candle crafted from beeswax she harvested herself) to write a Charlie and Dani from Life go to Target fic: The Zen of Target.

So that makes:
[ profile] firthgal, Kelly/Andy, The Office

[ profile] kirbyfest, Jarod/Miss Parker, The Pretender

[ profile] anxietygrrl, Ray/Neela, ER

[ profile] lolitalolita, Harold/Andy, Everwood

Lassiter/Juliet, Psych (and you know, someone besides me? More than welcome to write them going to Target too! Really! I'd also buy you a Mariah Carey unicorn if'n you do!)

and [ profile] piecesofalice, even though she thinks the Internet was created by demons, all officially cooler than you.

Hurts, doughnut?

(I don't think [ profile] anxietygrrl knew what she was starting with this. MY THIRST FOR TARGET FIC CANNOT BE SLAKED. "SLAKED?" THAT'S A WORD, RIGHT?)

ETA: I'm watching an old ep of L&O:SVU on USA (Character of the Month? Jay Z), and someone just told Olivia to "stop chasing phantom sex crimes."

Phantom Sex Crimes? Totally the name of my new band. And my stage name is going to be Benson's inconspicuous alias Persephone James.
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Oh, Spader. Not everything can be Secretary.

Courtesy of Aim: the trailer for Tuff Turf, which is 2 1/2 minutes of pants-wetting hilarity.

HE'S A REBEL... with a cause! Seriously like James Dean! He even has a vaguely gay BFF! Only without the emasculated dad, plus some singing and dancing! And bicycles? And bulky cable-knit sweaters? And...never mind.

Enjoy every chain-fence scaling, not-remotely-dangerous, shirtless young Spader, eyelinered RDJ, 10-speed-centric moment of it.

My e-mail exchange with Aim follows:
If Amy and I were royalty, we would *totally* have a court artist... )

I think I might have to write a story about Richard Marx and Timmy T living in the Pink California Sky world with the Wakefield Twins. That's some good stuff.

I don't want to work. I just want to go home, hole up in my room, mourn Tedward Lilly's sad loss to the Marlins (just that one inning! Oh, Tedward! If only those bloop hits hadn't been followed by doubles!), and watch things and stuff. Or write something...about...something.

Something besides Pink California Sky world.

Every time I try to write something based in Psych world, it ends all awkward and not sexy. It's more poignant and high schoolish and makey-outy. What's up with that?

Also, I just had to register my shock re: Kief's DUI. Kief? Him? What? Never! Shocking. Shocked...shock...I am registering.
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So this is why I think the narrator of "Hazard," as penned by Richard Marx, is unreliable:
Yet another reason why I would fail miserably in grad school... )


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