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Okay, so when this story pops up in my Yahoo! News Box O' News (motto: All the News That's Fit to Link in a Box), the link reads "A Friend of Simpson Says He May Have Been Tricked."

And all I can think is: "Help! Friends! A guinea pig tricked me!"

If OJ Simpson gets embiggened and gets in a fight with Giant Bender ("Who's the real 700-ton robot here? Not...I. *gasp* Not.........I."), I will officially make up a memorial ribbon for the survivors.
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I normally bury my bleeding-heart disappointments under thick layers of sarcasm, irony, general assery, etc., but Meyerlemon's recent post about a story she heard on NPR about a Louisiana high school was a good reminder that sometimes, a person should really just get mad about the state of affairs here and there in our nation.

I try to avoid sincerity when I can, especially when it involves an issue like this, because it makes me so confused and angry. But that's kind of a punk-ass way to live one's life, so I encourage others to be mad and disappointed too.

Also, on the flip side of this card, get mad about the whole media push to make the Michael Vick dogfighting thing a "race" issue. Up yours, media. I know that animal rights people can sometimes be obnoxious (I was recently accosted by a "fois gras is EVIL" person who shoved some pictures under my nose. Note to abortion activists and animal-rights people: dude, I HATE that), but come on. Come on. The issue is not that Michael Vick is black. It's that he's a rich guy who bankrolled a business based solely on animal cruelty.


When I get back from stupid proofing work, I'm going to talk about Judging Amy and baseball and my brother Andy! Yay!


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