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Courtesy of [ profile] piecesofalice: Carla Gugino, looking flawless and caramel-eyed and like she might enjoy having a scotch and a vigorous hair-brushing.

Seriously, isn't that dress so pretty? Isn't her skin amazing? And her hair? And those...nose? / MST3K

FYI: as [ profile] taraljc and Pieces have so aptly demonstrated, if you have a Carla sighting, the best thing to do is send me a link right away. So that I can hide the pictures of Maggie Lawson that I was looking at.

And speaking of that Righteous Kill movie, you know, I haven't asked her, but that is one of those movies that Duse would be way more excited for than me, but I'd go with her, and then end up enjoying it. It's funny, but Duse just called my cell the other day to mention a quote she remembered from The Hours, a movie she was passionately in love with (clearly, with the quoting...dude, I remember jack and shit from that beyond Ed Harris being Sensitive and Nicole Kidman having a falsie schnozz), and it reminded me that sometimes her enthusiasm and observations make me see a film a new way. Or want to see a film at all. Or rewatch a film I previously decided to be lukewarm about.

In spite of my razzing of There Will Be Blood, Duse really liked it in a very enthusiastic, unpretentious way, enjoying the score and the performance PERFORMANCE! of DDL. I was therefore forced to admit, beyond my "stylized" jokery, that the reason I didn't like There Will Be Blood, besides feeling a little overwhelmed by DDL, was that unlike other PT Anderson films, TWBB was about the absence of love. It was this dark portrait of an inhumane and destructive man who ruined every bit of love and humanity around him, whereas Boogie Nights, Magnolia, and Punch-Drunk Love were all about the "ranks of the freaks who suspect they could never love anyone" finding just that, belonging, loving with an open heart. Sometimes being hurt or embarrassed or addicted to coke so their giant dingdong won't work, but in the end: love.

Dude, even No Country for Old Men had the light in the horn. And that was a COEN BROTHERS movie.

Nerd alert. Nerd alert. Okay, I'm done now.

Psych! I'm actually going to talk about how I watched Thumbsucker last night/in the wee small hours of the morning.

But first, P-Run: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha MICHAEL KORS I DON'T CARE THAT YOU'RE A TANGERINE-TINTED BUFFOON! YOU CALLED SUEDE OUT ON THE THIRD-PERSON THING! HUZZAH HAPPY DAY! And that Kenley...jiminy, disregarding Timothy and Nina Garcia's bitchface? Calling Heidi ridiculous? Check out the brass ovaries on that Bettie Page wannabe.

Blayne's design did look like fabric poop. And while I didn't get Jerrell's, I felt vindicated that Tim's prediction that if J. executed that the judges would love it was right on.

And then on to Thumbsucker. You know, this is a great segue from P-Run to this movie, because it sort of made me feel like Tim (and not in a planning-a-soiree-at-my-Hampton-digs-with-Victor-who-yelled-at-the-poms-for-chewing-up-a-rare-Assassins-vinyl-so-Tim-felt-bad-and-bought-them-kidneys way). Like, I took a step back from the movie and saw things I liked, and I saw what the filmmaker was attempting to execute, but the hem was a little jacked and maybe if you lost the fur know?

Spoilers of a general movie variety )

I don't know. Anyone seen it who remembers it ([ profile] morganaus!)?

Uh, and less spoilery than...well, D'Onofy )

ETA: Dear Alex Blagg: marry me.


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