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I'm watching Monday's ep of Heroes right now.

I'm beginning to think that the real Hero of the show is Nathan Petrelli's hair. God, it is marvelous.

Also, spoiler... )

These are things that are awesome right now:
1) This picture of Jen Garner, Violet Affleck, and Gay Uncle Victor, linked thanks to [ profile] 19. Adorable. I imagine that Uncle Tim is busy doing season 4 P-Run press.

2) Life is on in one minute! Hee hee!

3) The Wire - Season 5 Invitation to the Set. Clearly, someone has been taking good, home-cooked care of Meldrick Lewis the last few years.

(THE WIRE!!! YAY!!!)

4) The Richard Cheese version of The Jeffersons theme song. Any time Cheese pulls out the old-man Sinatra wail, it's good times, but especially when it's on the line "Movin' on up to the east side."

5) Minnie does this thing where she lets her back legs go completely slack as she gets out of her chair so that she ends up drag-tumbling her way onto the floor. Physical comedy: ain't nothing like it.

Okay, so Life! Huzzah!
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Hey, remember when I was all, "Yay! Two Family House! It has lots of Italians and is very romantic!" Well, it's airing on IFC for the next few days. You should watch it! It has lots of Italians and is very romantic!

Kate and I watched an ep of Jools Holland that featured Ray Lamontange getting short-shrifted in favor of Elton John and Keane. I mean, yeah, they're both great, but...come on. Interpol got to do two songs! We also saw Old Crow Medicine Show. Anyone know anything about these guys? They were AWESOME. As Kate said, it was like watching what would happen if G. Love fronted a bluegrass band. Amazing! They're going to be on ACL next Saturday!


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