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You guys, look what happens when Victor is in LA without Tim: unfortunate, unfortunate shirt.

Tim and the poms never would've let that happen. I hope that when Tim moves to LA, he keeps a tighter leash on his honey.

Because I'm not so much on self-flagellation, I'm not going to do a whole picspam about the LOCI finale. But I will say that despite his best efforts...

John Glover cannot ruin Milky Ways for me. Or Rolos. Sweet...sweet Rolos. So full of caramel. Wish I had Rolos right now.

The beauty of Eames, the boyishness of Goren, and NO LACE, MRS. BENNETT, I BEG YOU: LOCI 7x22, Frame )
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Hi! I'm back!

1) YES.

2) While I've always loved Bon Appegeek, sometimes it's at its funniest and most engaging when things don't go Annie's way: chiffon cake = *frowny*

(BTW, our utilities, gas and electric, for this 2 BR, are probably about $250 a month at their HIGHEST in the winter)

3) Sam's Greatest Hits on Burn Notice.

Siiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh. I missed you, Internet.
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My friend Aim was kind enough to text me not long after hearing Stevie B's "Because I Love You (The Postman Song)" on my hometown's AM radio station. Oh, the hilarity's just starting. Then, in a stroke of genius, Aim e-mailed me a link to the video.

1) Compare the pink tone of the video to that of my [ profile] geigergrade Richard Marx icon. The early '90s? Apparently bathed in this color at all times.

2) his hair? I'm so puzzled? Is that a Jheri-hawk?

THEN, after I told Aim I had a Richard Marx icon as pink as the Stevie B video, she e-mailed me back: Dude, all of those sentimental-tacky-crap videos from that era have that pink-tinge to it. Case in point: Timmy T's "One More Try" (with Portuguese subtitles!)

1) I don't know what is more marvelous: the mustard suit jacket/turtleneck combo or the white or extremely stonewashed (name of my '80s/'90s tribute band) jeans.

2) "Hi, my name is Timmy T! I'm very pink-tinted! And I am NOT Tommie Page, so stop asking me."

A poll shall follow the posting of these pictures:
Which of the following Cubs is the hottest? )

My boss is out of the office! A poll! )

My boss is out of the office: a meme thanks to [ profile] elspethsheir!
Leave your name here and I will tell you why it's awesome to have you on my flist!

If the Internet gods were truly looking out for me, someone out there would have made screencaps of the Judging Amy boys in their tuxedoes. More specifically, of Richard T. Jones and Tim Omundson. More specifically than that, of Tim Omundson when his tie was undone, a shot of whiskey in his hand, making smoke rings with his cigar. Last but not least: Judging Amy! )
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I've been seeing promos for Flight of the Conchords on HBO recently, and it looks funny and all, but it took Mary posting their "Business Time" video for me to decide that I am going to set that up for series record as soon as I'm able.

HILARIOUS. The "sort the recycling" tangent is my favorite musical thing since I wrote a song last night about my griddle pan (entitled "Griddle Pan is Awesome").


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