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Happy, happy birthday, [ profile] piecesofalice!
A day early! Or a week early? I think! Australia is in a different time zone than Chicago, right? Or a different calendar year? Or...your birthday really isn't on St. Patty's Day and is, instead, later in March?

The Pancake Flight

No Country for Old Men, Mrs. Bell and Wendell )

Life, Ted and Dani )

Psych, Lassiter/Juliet )

Here's hoping you have another year full of rakes and "tl;dr old men are hot" posts.


I was all set to be in a prepatory PTSD way about Robin Hood.

Then I saw this...Whitesnake, y'all. Guy/Marian vid set to Whitesnake.
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Family stuff, in case you come for the media and stay for the pie...mostly stories about Nora, my Ready-Made-Niece )

Segue about dad...then it all comes back to church )

Friend stuff )

Media stuff:
1) watched Gone Baby Gone. I'm so proud of Affleck, guys. Good on him. A restrained performance from Ed Harris, creative yet not overreaching direction, an actual not-phoned-in Morgan Freeman, and the inclusion of Wire and Deadwood regulars (Titus, call me!)...marvelous. I liked the book just a skitch better, but I suppose that's the way it goes.

2) [ profile] anxietygrrl has been sharing some stuff with me. She thinks it's not making her sad, but it probably is. So I thought I'd show her a few select screencaps that made me pretty happy and smiley, in the hopes that sunshine on her shoulders, et cetera

Some season 11 ER screencaps of joy...and one Psych screencap, just for comparison's sake... )

Okay, enough shenanigan and malarkey. I need to dl a certain episode of something. And some...stuff.

I'm glad to be back to The Internet. It really is like Cinderella said: you don't know what you got 'til it's gone.
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[ profile] taraljc posted the following delightful meme: Which clips, if seen on endless repeat and from absolutely any source, would give some impression of what it's like to live inside our heads?

I could not find the Homer Simpson's Brain Has Olde-Tymey Cartoons That Play "Turkey in the Straw" on YouTube...but this answer is probably more honest anyway:

[ profile] piecesofalice is having a hard day, so based on the following photo:
Tess Harper and her awkward like-a-son Garret Dillahunt )

I give you...pancakes.

A little made-up story about the day before the SAG Awards; it's like RPF only...ridiculous and about brunch )

ETA for [ profile] anxietygrrl, who is Helping America tonight:

"Dear...A. Girl...keep reachin'...a-for the cherries! There you go, my friend."

And so on. In that manner.

*Shane West guitar solo, y'all!*
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The Kates had friends over for New Year's Eve. We ate Ray-Ray's fake-bake ziti, fondue (with Nutella!), and drank.

I have come to the conclusion that even in moderation, I am no longer built for hard liquor. Three or four Maker's and Diet Coke (give or take a few glasses of white wine and champagne) and my stomach is miserable this morning.

What? Oh, afternoon.

Anyway, it's not like I'm barfy. Just uncomfortable.

And it's continuing to snow (no reference to Rent intended).

So: perfect excuse to peruse the Yuletide New Year's Resolution list and start one or two lines of stories one will never finish, eh?

Anyway: big props to my author, elsandry. Because it was my first year making a request, I didn't know how this thing works (goodbye, folks!) and gave her nothing with which to do much of anything. She had to come over to my not-linked-to-the-site Yuletide Letter, read my ramblings, et cetera. The result: awesomeness. She's clearly one in a million.

My story was "When Gus Met Shawn (And She-Ra)". [ profile] kattahj, I hope that it did what you wanted for Gus, who clearly loves pop culture and sugar and Shawn (perhaps not in that order). I'm sort of embarrassingly into other aspects of the show, so...

But I love Gus and Dulé! It was fun to write! And I bought He-Man/She-Ra Christmas on DVD during my Black Friday shopping rampage, so I sort of robbed from RL experience.

Now that The Reveal is over, I also rec the story I was blessed enough to beta, [ profile] piecesofalice's profane and lovely Al and Dan (but not Al/Dan...because eek) story, "The Most Faithful of Reminders".

Okay, I'm off to attempt to write Celia/Nancy for Weeds!

Or maybe just eat Maalox and stare at Anchorman for a while.

Eek! Also, thanks, [ profile] aj, for visiting our pad AND taking Kate and myself on a mini-tour of Devon! Yay! So much fun to talk fandom and roommate stuff and just whatevs with you. Sunday, man!!!


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