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Family stuff, in case you come for the media and stay for the pie...mostly stories about Nora, my Ready-Made-Niece )

Segue about dad...then it all comes back to church )

Friend stuff )

Media stuff:
1) watched Gone Baby Gone. I'm so proud of Affleck, guys. Good on him. A restrained performance from Ed Harris, creative yet not overreaching direction, an actual not-phoned-in Morgan Freeman, and the inclusion of Wire and Deadwood regulars (Titus, call me!)...marvelous. I liked the book just a skitch better, but I suppose that's the way it goes.

2) [ profile] anxietygrrl has been sharing some stuff with me. She thinks it's not making her sad, but it probably is. So I thought I'd show her a few select screencaps that made me pretty happy and smiley, in the hopes that sunshine on her shoulders, et cetera

Some season 11 ER screencaps of joy...and one Psych screencap, just for comparison's sake... )

Okay, enough shenanigan and malarkey. I need to dl a certain episode of something. And some...stuff.

I'm glad to be back to The Internet. It really is like Cinderella said: you don't know what you got 'til it's gone.
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For some reason, this popped into my head the other day, and I thought some people may or may not enjoy it: every time I moved, whether it was to a dorm room or a house or apartment, my mom always wanted to be there to make my bed. She claimed this was something her own mom suggested as a way to make your new place feel like home.

When I moved into my last EC apartment--the one by the Pick 'n' Save and Mike's Smokehouse for those of you in the EC geography know--Mom even swung by Wal-Mart for me and brought me a new bedpad and sheets. As I opened the bedpad, I stared at the packaging, and then at my mom, who was unpacking my clean sheets from my new laundry basket (What can I say? She provided).

"Mom, this bedpad is for bedwetters."

She stopped what she was doing. "No, it isn't. No."

I turned the packaging to face her. Twin set. Plastic insert to prevent leakage into the mattress.

I asked dryly (Ed. note: dude, I only realized after hitting "Post Entry" that I made a pun; BASK IN THE PUN, SUCKERS), "Are you trying to tell me something?"

She laughed until she had to sit down on the floor. I might have kept the routine up for the rest of the day, pointedly indicating when I was going to use the toilet like a big girl.

A few years later, when I was living back at the homestead in Amery, I called my mom's cell to request that she pick up some feminine products on the way home, as I had forgotten to pick them up when I stopped at the grocery store.

She mistakenly picked up Poise pads.


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