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Neela didn't want to hook up with Aussie Doc anymore.

Nonlinear storytelling! And ripping on Stamos! )

Thunkity-thunk-thunk music: THE THIRD TO LAST EPISODE OF ER EVER! )

FYI: while I made this picspam, the following songs played on Sirius XM Not the Heart:
1) "Get There" by Oleta Adams
2) "We Said Hello Goodbye" by Phil Collins

I think it's a sign. But I always think that about Sirius XM Not the Heart
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"Another Thursday at County." Even the writers are tired of it. Right? 'Cause they're certainly not trying to be funny about how every week, some pseudo-explodey shocking thing happens, while in the b-plot, some pseudo-current event related-but-not injury happens (this week: woman changing locks on foreclosed houses can't afford day care, so she brings her son along while crushing American dreams because the economy is like one of those snakes that eats its own tail and also they fell through some floorboards and shit), while ER introduces yet another character with a haunted past (related to a pseudo-current event like a tsunami).

Another Thursday, indeed. Wokka wokka wokka.

AND ANOTHER THING! BITCH BITCH BITCH! Also: I do not have a crush on Archie Morris )
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1) I keep seeing a headline in my Yahoo! Entertainment news that makes me laugh inappropriately: "Nick Hogan Turns 18, Treated Like a Man."

As a fan of the documentary series Oz (whenever I share my knowledge about prison life, this is how I cite), I bet he got treated like a man. All the way. Hopefully not with a spoon like Robson or, um, with a Beecher bite like Robson (poor Robson; prison sex just was not kind to that man).

2) I started watching the LOCI Ep I Have Seen So Many Times, I Should Be Able to Recite It, 2x05 "Bright Boy". And I was deeply tickled by the following exchange:
Goren: The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. It tests social adjustment.
Eames: I remember this. We had to take it the last year of high school.
Goren: So did we.
Eames: How'd you do?
Goren: I had to go to my counselor's office and have a talk with the school shrink. What about you?
Eames: I was so well-adjusted they voted me prom queen.

And Goren's look after she says that is priceless.

3) Continuing my obsessive pursuit of The D'Onof: romantic lead... okay, the following link is NSFW because:
3a) it involves sex
3b) Tracey Ullman
3c) Tracey Ullman simulating sex

So you know what it involves. If you watch it, I don't want to see any typity-typed pearl clutching.

Here's the deal: The Deal About Household Saints )

4) Um, on that note? Less a picspam than a series of pictures that make me also feel flushed and confused: Jason Wiles as (stealing all adjectives from [ profile] upsy_daisy) the pragmatic, scruffy, sexy, charming, and slightly assholish Eps on last night's ep of In Plain Sight.

I'm a cop, you jerk! )
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Take that, Levine.

Brunch plans with [ profile] morganaus (playing Florence N. back in Cleves) and [ profile] upsy_daisy (working for a living, living and a-working, taking what Huey Lewis is giving...) fell through, so Kate and I had a nice romantic Sunday lunch/brunch at Cafe Selmarie. We had mimosas and food and then enjoyed Lincoln Square's sidewalk sale (lots of shoes, K.).

Speaking of [ profile] upsy_daisy: oh, Bosco. Seriously: Faith is right to mock.

I promise I'll get help! )

In baseball news: I guess Ron Santo said of Mighty Mike, "Little Babe Ruth, big boy."

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Back from Wisconsin for a few days of Not-for-Profit Jamberooing. But it's all worth it to introduce you all to the Cubs, in tandem with [ profile] cdeacon. And hopefully, this will help them win tonight at The Cell. Because I jinxed them yesterday by tuning in to WGN Radio in the ninth inning.

So if you like big men, slightly frightening men, Muppety men, ridiculously gorgeous men, Jersey men, or, you know, baseball, let's get to know...

The infield )

The outfield )

And now some of the pitchers:
Beginning with Carlos Zambrano, My Future Husband... )

Hope you enjoyed getting to know the Northside boys. I know I've enjoyed fantasizing about what it would be like to be Mrs. Carlos Zambrano...if Geo won't have me...just kidding, Z! And many, many thanks to [ profile] cdeacon for obsessing with me.

Go, Cubs, Go!
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So spaketh Harry: " I love that you get a little crinkle above your nose when you're looking at me like I'm nuts."

I even let Shawn be in this one: 2x02, 65 Million Years Off Redux )
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I was going to wait for [ profile] piecesofalice to show her sunny face online and pressure her for a picspam, but...I couldn't stand it. I had to do it.

Last night's ep of Psych, in picture form... )
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See, what I'd do normally is have a bunch of hilarious and/or pithy comments.

Can't do that when every comment I can make is either "ZOMG!" or "BWHAHAHAH!" or "ZOMGBHAEALKJSDJFLHAHAH?NINER?"

Before I start, did anyone else see the commercial for "In Plain Sight"? That looks awesome. It'll fill some time before Burn Notice starts again. Because it WILL start again.

Selected screencaps from last night's ep of Psych )

And that was just the FIRST SCENE.

ETA!!! )
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Did y'all watch Weeds last night? Holy...

Anyway, let's talk about how awesome Showtime is later (I also enjoy Californication quite a lot, even though The Girl From The Nanny is a total lame-ass cliche of The Deeply Troubled, Brilliant, Yet Highly Sexually Evolved Teenager so prevalent in man-wanky programming...she a feminist prig...), as well as talking about This One Episode of Judging Amy Where Sad Things Happen.

Let's take a journey away from the my room!
Not a picspam about how hot Titus Welliver is in Brooklyn South, but you do get to see my Burt Reynolds there's that )
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Last night's Psych: I'm not one to turn my nose up at a myriad of lyric jokes (including one that included "lyrical gangsta"), '80s fashion jokes, and a confused Gina Gershon calling Lassiter "Mr. Bean" and "Tony Randall," but...the characterizations seemed off. Both Gus and Lassiter were nearly as WACKY!!! as Shawn, which was weird.

However, Tim Curry was, as always, deeeeee-lightful.

Two-Headed Beast: The Conclusion--featuring eye gouging and nekkid Dan butt )

Well, there it is. Making one of these things from one's own screencaps is a lot of work! I am so impressed by peeps who do this on a regular basis. I'm especially in awe of [ profile] mspooh, who used to do huge The Unit picspams. Which must have seemed like a big ol' punishment at times. I mean, this is Deadwood. It's fun, even when it's grody (CON STAPLETON).

And because I can, I leave you with The Surround Sound Salmon-Colored Undadrawer Experience:
Cut for sensitive eyes... )
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When last we left our intrepid heroes, they were drinking tea...oh, and just a warning, get ready for Earl Brown smeared in KY Jelly... )

I realized that I didn't get all of the final 15 minutes worth of screencaps from the FTP site, so I will finish up tomorry. I'm tired and want to watch Psych. Hooray!
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Yay! [ profile] morganaus is back from Domino's Pizza Republic. Or something!

And [ profile] kalinichta has been new jobbin' it for approximately two weeks (give or take)!

Deadwood, Season 3, Ep 5: A Two-Headed Beast picture essay part 1: not too spoilery, but full of gore and shirtless Steve the Drunk... )

Part 2 when I get my ass home!
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Inspired by Anthony Bourdain's self-satisfied, dickish, profane, yet HILARIOUS blog post re: the Food Network Awards, I got off my rear, Googled "Food Network Awards" and screencaps.

So I could present The Food Network Red Carpet Photo Essay of 95% Mockery )


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