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Ewan makes me happy. When the crap is Long Way Up/Long Way Down happening? I've been promised excellent Alton on motorbike action in August, but I'm afraid that the Long Way... series is far more important to me.

That little tear on the cover, wedged betwixt the title's first and second line? That was probably from a teardrop, wept over the beauty of the prose.

Also, I think a far more important question is: Can someone ever convince Mariah that wearing eyelet-spackled valences constitutes a poor fashion choice?

Confidential to Rachelle, who penciled her name into the front cover: if you want this back, there's not much time.

More about Falling in Love...Again...For the First Time )

On the other hand, Ms. Katherine [ profile] katiem58, you got faced: Mariah does not have violet eyes and raven hair; she has green eyes with gold flecks.

Mariah, in essence, is yours truly. Mariah and I are Mary Sues of The First Order.

I'm putting this under my svh tag, because this book may just be better than Kidnapped!
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After laughing merrily at Dr. Cox's assessment of The Biggest Loser as the show where "a 900 pound woman lost a pound and a half and cried for twenty minutes," Mary tricked--tricked--me into watching the Biggest Loser 3 marathon on Bravo.

Wow, for a show that is NOTHING but people crying, which should annoy me, I was hooked.  Mostly because this Samoan guy, Ken, charmed me by BAWLING as one of his teammates was eliminated, and while BAWLING, said, "Peace out, big poppa!" (PS That link has spoilers!!!  As does the following link!)

You guys haven't lived until you've heard a 300-plus pound guy cry while saying "Peace out."

Then I had the unfortunate luck to fall in love.  With Marty.  He's a teacher.  He's SO cute.  He's SO Midwestern and sweet.  OY.

I hate marathons.

Speaking of the TV reality loves of my life, Tim Gunn, everyone.  While watching the horrible addictive cryfest, we also flipped to VH1's Best Year Ever, where Tim Gunn was featured doing six-shooters while unconvincingly saying "Gunn will shoot you down."  I think fate is reminding me that I love Tim Gunn SO much.  More than Marty even.  Firstly, Mary had the Sexiest Man People issue sitting around.  And who writes an article about the foxiness of gray hair while also discussing how he almost got Botox when he was first hired to P-Run? Timothy Gunn.  Hee hee!  Who else was featured as foxy with gray hair?  Victor Garber.  And we all know that I believe that in some alternate universe, Garber and Gunn are living together in the Hamptons with Poms named Godspell and Coco Chanel.  And EW reran that photo where Tim Gunn looked a bit Napoleonic and gorgeous in their Year in Review Project Runway piece.  His book should come out in the spring, and meanwhile, P-Run will suffer if Tim doesn't come back.  Unfiltered Nina and Kors?  Eew.

In lit news, I reread The Endearment by LaVyrle Spencer.  SO corny, you guys.  Unbelievably corny.  I loved it.  And the hero/romantic lead, Karl, was written so unbelievably stereotypically Swedish.  It was hilarious.  I half expected some of it to read: "Bork bork bork!  I was talking to Ole today... and also, I love you, whiskey-haired Irish Anna!"  Awful.  Awful and awesome.  Has anyone else read it?  Let's discuss.  Or I could just write about it tomorrow when I'm at work, away from my roommate's computer that is going batshit crazy.


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