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1) I keep seeing a headline in my Yahoo! Entertainment news that makes me laugh inappropriately: "Nick Hogan Turns 18, Treated Like a Man."

As a fan of the documentary series Oz (whenever I share my knowledge about prison life, this is how I cite), I bet he got treated like a man. All the way. Hopefully not with a spoon like Robson or, um, with a Beecher bite like Robson (poor Robson; prison sex just was not kind to that man).

2) I started watching the LOCI Ep I Have Seen So Many Times, I Should Be Able to Recite It, 2x05 "Bright Boy". And I was deeply tickled by the following exchange:
Goren: The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. It tests social adjustment.
Eames: I remember this. We had to take it the last year of high school.
Goren: So did we.
Eames: How'd you do?
Goren: I had to go to my counselor's office and have a talk with the school shrink. What about you?
Eames: I was so well-adjusted they voted me prom queen.

And Goren's look after she says that is priceless.

3) Continuing my obsessive pursuit of The D'Onof: romantic lead... okay, the following link is NSFW because:
3a) it involves sex
3b) Tracey Ullman
3c) Tracey Ullman simulating sex

So you know what it involves. If you watch it, I don't want to see any typity-typed pearl clutching.

Here's the deal: The Deal About Household Saints )

4) Um, on that note? Less a picspam than a series of pictures that make me also feel flushed and confused: Jason Wiles as (stealing all adjectives from [ profile] upsy_daisy) the pragmatic, scruffy, sexy, charming, and slightly assholish Eps on last night's ep of In Plain Sight.

I'm a cop, you jerk! )
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HAHAHAHA! The AFI's tribute to unabashed horndogging and long-lost potential Warren Beatty! "Jack Nicholson! Robert Downey Jr! Al Pacino! Bill Clinton! And more!" SHOT OF QUENTIN TARANTINO ONLY! I suppose I shouldn't love that so much. Especially in the face of having just looked at Jack Nicholson, in his shades, laughing it up like the monstrous egotistical camera hog he is. But still and all: burn. Burnity burn, Snorts Coke Off Thai Hookers.

IPS. On the one hand: good performances by the guest stars; Mary and Marshall stuff is HILARIOUS, particularly the Back to the Future discussion; Fred Weller in jeans.

On the other: oh, my, the awkward levels of preachiness and ham-handed handling of Issues and Mary's Father Issues. BLAH.

Could someone write me the missing Awkward Make-up Scene? It doesn't necessarily have to have sex in it. I swear.


Third Watch: Hey! Heard LOCI was a bit of a letdown tonight. So. Tell ya what. (straps on hobnail boots) This might hurt a bit.


TY! Sully! TY!!! TYYYYYY!!!!

Also: Bosco's hair:

That cowlick is my favorite thing ever. That and his grand romantic heart that he coats in a crunchy layer of pain-in-the-assery and bigotry.

Does it make me kind of a creep if I say that kid and dog were both kind of doomed by the whole "survival of the fittest" thing? I mean, honestly.

ETA: Let the hobnailing continue )


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