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I sort of lumped my Yuletide Reveal in with a bunch of recs, but I just want to say: thank you, [ profile] tir, for the most excellent Station Agent story, Hooking Up. I was so tickled to receive a full-length film coda. The first time I saw that movie, I swear that I was so disappointed/sad by the fade-to-black, so convinced the movie would run three hours, that my blood pressure sort of did a little mini-burst.

Having recently watched it with [ profile] upsy_daisy, I now have to say I know my people: she had approximately the same reaction.

As some of you may or may not have figured out when I was all "dafkjsdlfkjsdlkjfldksjlakfjd," I got the best Fugitive prompt, and my recipient didn't seem to mind that I used it as a stomping grounds for my love of country-western music.

Maybe it's the Lonesome Dove talking, but Samuel Gerard always struck me as more olde-tymey sherriff and less Javert in the movie version anyway. Or maybe I just want everything to be old-tymey Western-y.

I have a few more recs for those who love Futurama: Four Things Turanga Leela Never Had to Put Up With and One She Did (Guess) and Five Deals the Robot Devil Almost Made.

Being at work means having Internet. I never thought I'd be so glad to be here.
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

I don't know what my deal is. Last year, I was all "Ooh! TV shows! Most of them on USA!" But still. I think maybe my goofy obsession with LOCI left me a little bereft. So instead I made life difficult for you by picking some indie films and a largely imaginary RPF (like, even more so than the uzsh).

But if you're reading this, that means that you offered to write one of those weirdo things. I like you already. Thank you. I bet it's going to be awesome. You know, after the deadline, when we're not all sweating bullets.

Yay? Yay!

(Besides the aforementioned RP deal, I'm mostly interested in het...but you probably saw that already. And sexytime at your discretion; if it's not too Larry Flynt's Hustler, I like it.)

For your edification... )

Thanks again. I know this is going to be the best Yuletide ever. The penguin's flippers wouldn't lie.

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The Kates had friends over for New Year's Eve. We ate Ray-Ray's fake-bake ziti, fondue (with Nutella!), and drank.

I have come to the conclusion that even in moderation, I am no longer built for hard liquor. Three or four Maker's and Diet Coke (give or take a few glasses of white wine and champagne) and my stomach is miserable this morning.

What? Oh, afternoon.

Anyway, it's not like I'm barfy. Just uncomfortable.

And it's continuing to snow (no reference to Rent intended).

So: perfect excuse to peruse the Yuletide New Year's Resolution list and start one or two lines of stories one will never finish, eh?

Anyway: big props to my author, elsandry. Because it was my first year making a request, I didn't know how this thing works (goodbye, folks!) and gave her nothing with which to do much of anything. She had to come over to my not-linked-to-the-site Yuletide Letter, read my ramblings, et cetera. The result: awesomeness. She's clearly one in a million.

My story was "When Gus Met Shawn (And She-Ra)". [ profile] kattahj, I hope that it did what you wanted for Gus, who clearly loves pop culture and sugar and Shawn (perhaps not in that order). I'm sort of embarrassingly into other aspects of the show, so...

But I love Gus and Dulé! It was fun to write! And I bought He-Man/She-Ra Christmas on DVD during my Black Friday shopping rampage, so I sort of robbed from RL experience.

Now that The Reveal is over, I also rec the story I was blessed enough to beta, [ profile] piecesofalice's profane and lovely Al and Dan (but not Al/Dan...because eek) story, "The Most Faithful of Reminders".

Okay, I'm off to attempt to write Celia/Nancy for Weeds!

Or maybe just eat Maalox and stare at Anchorman for a while.

Eek! Also, thanks, [ profile] aj, for visiting our pad AND taking Kate and myself on a mini-tour of Devon! Yay! So much fun to talk fandom and roommate stuff and just whatevs with you. Sunday, man!!!
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1) I have a cleaver now. [ profile] anniejs, quick! Tell me what to cleave!

2) I am going to be an aunt. This opens a new chapter in my life. So many children's books to buy.

3) My Yuletide gift, "Affirmation," which catered to my ridiculous Sam/Fi whims, while he is injured, no less (!!!), is truly a Christmas miracle. I have yet to crack the cover on the rest of [ profile] yuletide, as it is very daunting. But I think I'm going to start in Gosford Park. Because yay.

4) I watched Stardust, 7/8 of Spider-Man II on FOX (Fox: It's like cable...up nord!), and 40+ minutes of Live Free or Die Hard. Though Bruce Willis only got better with age, I think I was explosion-ed out from SMII.

Also, the car/helicopter scene? Really, movie? Really?

5) My dad is now a member of the UCC church where my mom's funeral was held. He has attended every Sunday since. He knows people there who genuinely seem to like and care about him.

This did not stop my brothers and I from busting up laughing when the lyrics "ox and ass" appeared on the PowerPoint during service on Sunday.

6) [ profile] morganaus?! Are you back? Because for realsies:

7) I need to go see Juno. And eat a gyro. Hooray Lincoln Square! You have both!

8) [ profile] piecesofalice?! Did you see No Country for Old Men?

9) LJ! I missed you! You are so, so entertaining! And several of you cooked over the holiday, which is SO exciting to read about!
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Word up, Yuletide person.

I apologize: this is my first year, and rather than give you a bunch of detail, I did one-word prompts. Which was dumb of me. Anyway:
Cut for the fanficless people on my list )

In short, I'm very excited, and I'm sure anything you do will make me giddy with happiness. Hooray for Yuletide. Excelsior. Hooray for Hollywood. You rock.

A friend always,

So I'm a little nervous. I got my prompts. Out of the four, I know one fandom well and one vaguely. Two others? Haven't even heard of. Yikes. I hope I do right by this person.

Edited for any potential NYR writers! Sorry I'm a bonehead.


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