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30 Rock
"The Wrath of Jon" - Jonathan POV that made me laugh so, so hard. The inclusion of sad sack Lutz, nerdy Toofer, and the continuing war between Jonathan and Lemon was delightful. Extra points for the wordless Kenneth cameo.

"Personal Engagements" - A season 1 "missed scene" that is great, great, great. The show should have included more Doc and Joanie scenes. Also more Trixie and Joanie.

"Just Desserts" - Leela, Fry, and Bender in a mini-adventure that involves Bender in a kimono, Fry blowing giraffes, and Leela kicking ass.

Georgette Heyer - Cotillion
"An Evening In" - Freddy and Kitty as parents, reluctantly cornered into doing the hands-on work that no proper couple of their birth and means would do. Spot-on and delightful.

"King of Your Satellite Castle" - Mike and the 'bots reach Earth just in time for a crappy economy (Mike's equally crappy references from Gizmonic Institute don't help) and live a dull domestic depressive life in Minnesota with two albums (Glenn Gould and Rush).

It's hilarious as all get-out, has several well-timed references to MST3K favorites, and describes Tom Servo's voice as "perky and erudite and needling." It is great.

RPF - Baseball
"Somplace Where They Never Change the Sheets" - it's dangerous to rec this, since I beta'ed it, but seriously, it's so great: Chase "Chuts" Utley is given a personalized tour of pre-World Series Denver. Mostly, he fears he will be eaten by a bear.

It has a sweet center of baseball love that rings true and golden.

"What's Your Mama's Name, Child?"
"Wilson Green" - I am a big damn baby: this made me weepy as hell. It's wonderfully written, has an interesting narrative perspective, and if you hesitate to read songfic because 80% of the time, the author simply rehashes lyrics, this will rock your world.

The Wire
"The Why of Things" - Cool Lester Smooth at his very, very best. The tone and character voices for Lester, Prez, Dukie, and Bunk are so clear, and the tone of the story is so The Wire (painful and disappointing and hopeful) that it was a wonderful kind of gut-punch.

"It's Just the Way the Game is Played" - holy buckets, what I said about gut-punch above? Three times as much gut punch in this story. Bodie's POV as he walks through the seasons, carrying with him the lesson Dee taught him about chess. I loved the Bodie/Mouzone game. Loved it.

And as I said in my comment, the first line of the last section made me burst into tears.

Oregon Trail (computer game)
"Rebekah: The Diary of a Young Woman on the Oregon Trail" - holy fucking buckets, guys, this was HILARIOUS. HILARIOUS.

The gravestone bit killed me.
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