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Mystery solved: Ray Liotta's wonky problem last night was that he was shot up to hell and back with Botox. Thank Kate for figuring that one out. He couldn't move the lower half of his face, and Virginia Madsen was barely controlling the giggles as Liotta squeezed out the words. I can't even begin to express my horror and disappointment that RAY LIOTTA of all people was on national television with this problem. Okay, Kate Jackson I understand. But Ray? Ray! You're supposed to be a macho, macho man!

Harrison Ford, at one point, was guffawing and slapping his knee over a Conan bit. Or the "Dave's not here, man" Cheech and Chong routine he watched earlier in the day while wake 'n' baking with Owen Wilson. Heh. Dave's not here.

I think Dick Clark and Muhammad Ali should join forces and tour all the awards shows making me feel bad and uncomfortable regarding my motor skills.

Tim Gunn and Victor Garber were introduced to one another (though they have several New York friends in common, they discovered over Ketel One martinis and shrimp cocktail) by Tyra and Heidi. Tyra had to excuse herself because her false eyelashes were causing her eyelids to cramp. Tim and Victor kind of made fun of Michael Kors (they're boys, after all) and talked about Wicked and how they both think it's kind of overrated (yet they both totally own the cast recording). Then Victor, ever the forward one, asked if they could have dinner together once they were both back in NYC again.

It did so happen. Because I said it did, that's why.

In closing Look upon the utter adorableness of The Office cast and staff; note how very much like a senior class photo this is! People looking in nine different directions! Carell with eyes closed! Paul Lieberstein SMILING! It's awesome! )

How totally foxy does Angela Kinsey look, by the way? Oh, did I mention that Mindy Kaling had a nipple slip last night? She totally did. Someone hugged her, and the bust of her strapless dress fell down, revealing some of her strapless cuppity bosom holder thing and...some of not that. She handled the whole thing deftly and with grace, not unlike Bridget Fonda learning from Anne Bancroft how to remove a squab bone from her mouth and subtly place it on her dinner plate.

Did anyone see that movie Point of No Return? Gabriel Byrne is way inappropriately foxy in that movie. And yes, I've seen the French original. Yes, it is a better movie. But still and all, Gabriel Byrne!!!


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