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Dear Yuletide Author:

Thank you. I know this time is busy enough without crazy writing shenanigans. So I appreciate your efforts and the blood, sweat, and tears that will no doubt go into this.

I believe my likes/dislikes from 2009 still hold true...

My general likes: witty banter, stories written around/about friendship, making out, sexytimes, acknowledgment of canon and/or canon.

My general dislikes: incest, rape, mprg, wings/transmutations, slash if canon gives you a 60%-80% chance two people wouldn't have sex together, the word "cock" (sorry, perhaps I've not yet emotionally matured to the point where that word doesn't make me do a combined eyeroll-titter)

Request #1: One Life To Live

Ha ha ha...sigh. So what I said about canon isn't true in a strict sense here. A friend and I recently discussed how awesome it would be if it turned out David Vickers were Cutter Wentworth's father. I've also pined for Tea Delgado and John McBain to be paired. I also thought of a world where Blair Cramer and Tea Delgado ran Llanview with a fierce yet maternal iron fist, wearing excellent flowing cardigans, perfectly manicured hair, and rocking sassiness everywhere.

The more fun and the more Cutter the better, in my opinion.

Extra bonus points if Jack Manning ends up smacked in the kisser.

Request #2: Venetia - Georgette Heyer

Next to Freddy and Kit's marriage (Cotillion), there isn't a Heyer couple I wonder about as much as Venetia and Lord Dameral. Scenes from their life, an adventure during the London Season, a crossover with Freddy and Kit...I'd take it all.

Oswald doesn't necessarily need to be a main player; just wonder what happened to the little shit after he went off with his uncle.

Request #3: Deadwood

This was my request from a few years ago: Maybe it's the reairing of Deadwood on the DirecTV channel, but I miss all the characters more than ever. I'm serious about any. I don't know that you have to strive to match the use of language on the show, because I can't imagine the work that would take. But seriously: any. Though my particular favorites were the Charlie/Joanie friendship, Silas Adams, the burgeoning partnership between Al/Alma, the family dynamic between Al and his boys (including Seth), the Blazanov/Merrick friendship. Any. And it's Deadwood. I think I'd be goofy if I didn't expect sex, violence, and swearing.

Again, many thanks, Yuletide Writer; you're good people.


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