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Or "successful"...

Prompt: One-Night Stand
Fandom: 30 Rock
Pairing/Characters: Liz/British Pantomime Genius Wesley Snipes
Rating: PG-13ish
Word Count: not many
For: This atrocity
Spoilers: through the latest ep

To be fair, that gent was also in a little movie called Fever Pitch...the first time around, not the one with Jimmy Fallon... )
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Kate and I watched Gavin DeGraw's new video on VH1 on Sunday.
1. He don't want to be oh chariot, guys. He do want to be Adam Levine, judging from the production on the single. Do they all go to the same recording studio?
2. That hat? Really? Really?
3. Kristin Z.Cavaricci from Laguna Beach? Really? Really? Though she really sells the lingerie montage. She's no Heidi Maytag from The Hills, but I guess she's good enough for a Dane Cook of Pop Music vid.

[ profile] piecesofalice took time from her busy manifesto writing (which she's crafting in her underground bunker, by the light of a candle crafted from beeswax she harvested herself) to write a Charlie and Dani from Life go to Target fic: The Zen of Target.

So that makes:
[ profile] firthgal, Kelly/Andy, The Office

[ profile] kirbyfest, Jarod/Miss Parker, The Pretender

[ profile] anxietygrrl, Ray/Neela, ER

[ profile] lolitalolita, Harold/Andy, Everwood

Lassiter/Juliet, Psych (and you know, someone besides me? More than welcome to write them going to Target too! Really! I'd also buy you a Mariah Carey unicorn if'n you do!)

and [ profile] piecesofalice, even though she thinks the Internet was created by demons, all officially cooler than you.

Hurts, doughnut?

(I don't think [ profile] anxietygrrl knew what she was starting with this. MY THIRST FOR TARGET FIC CANNOT BE SLAKED. "SLAKED?" THAT'S A WORD, RIGHT?)

ETA: I'm watching an old ep of L&O:SVU on USA (Character of the Month? Jay Z), and someone just told Olivia to "stop chasing phantom sex crimes."

Phantom Sex Crimes? Totally the name of my new band. And my stage name is going to be Benson's inconspicuous alias Persephone James.
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Happy, happy birthday, [ profile] piecesofalice!
A day early! Or a week early? I think! Australia is in a different time zone than Chicago, right? Or a different calendar year? Or...your birthday really isn't on St. Patty's Day and is, instead, later in March?

The Pancake Flight

No Country for Old Men, Mrs. Bell and Wendell )

Life, Ted and Dani )

Psych, Lassiter/Juliet )

Here's hoping you have another year full of rakes and "tl;dr old men are hot" posts.


I was all set to be in a prepatory PTSD way about Robin Hood.

Then I saw this...Whitesnake, y'all. Guy/Marian vid set to Whitesnake.
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The Kates had friends over for New Year's Eve. We ate Ray-Ray's fake-bake ziti, fondue (with Nutella!), and drank.

I have come to the conclusion that even in moderation, I am no longer built for hard liquor. Three or four Maker's and Diet Coke (give or take a few glasses of white wine and champagne) and my stomach is miserable this morning.

What? Oh, afternoon.

Anyway, it's not like I'm barfy. Just uncomfortable.

And it's continuing to snow (no reference to Rent intended).

So: perfect excuse to peruse the Yuletide New Year's Resolution list and start one or two lines of stories one will never finish, eh?

Anyway: big props to my author, elsandry. Because it was my first year making a request, I didn't know how this thing works (goodbye, folks!) and gave her nothing with which to do much of anything. She had to come over to my not-linked-to-the-site Yuletide Letter, read my ramblings, et cetera. The result: awesomeness. She's clearly one in a million.

My story was "When Gus Met Shawn (And She-Ra)". [ profile] kattahj, I hope that it did what you wanted for Gus, who clearly loves pop culture and sugar and Shawn (perhaps not in that order). I'm sort of embarrassingly into other aspects of the show, so...

But I love Gus and Dulé! It was fun to write! And I bought He-Man/She-Ra Christmas on DVD during my Black Friday shopping rampage, so I sort of robbed from RL experience.

Now that The Reveal is over, I also rec the story I was blessed enough to beta, [ profile] piecesofalice's profane and lovely Al and Dan (but not Al/Dan...because eek) story, "The Most Faithful of Reminders".

Okay, I'm off to attempt to write Celia/Nancy for Weeds!

Or maybe just eat Maalox and stare at Anchorman for a while.

Eek! Also, thanks, [ profile] aj, for visiting our pad AND taking Kate and myself on a mini-tour of Devon! Yay! So much fun to talk fandom and roommate stuff and just whatevs with you. Sunday, man!!!
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Word up, Yuletide person.

I apologize: this is my first year, and rather than give you a bunch of detail, I did one-word prompts. Which was dumb of me. Anyway:
Cut for the fanficless people on my list )

In short, I'm very excited, and I'm sure anything you do will make me giddy with happiness. Hooray for Yuletide. Excelsior. Hooray for Hollywood. You rock.

A friend always,

So I'm a little nervous. I got my prompts. Out of the four, I know one fandom well and one vaguely. Two others? Haven't even heard of. Yikes. I hope I do right by this person.

Edited for any potential NYR writers! Sorry I'm a bonehead.
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I feel that it isn't fair that [ profile] anxietygrrl threw herself on this meme sword, thus eliciting from me a thoroughly dorky prompt, without me reciprocating in kind. Though I have to say to her, I'm probably not well-prepped to make limbs grow back:
Give me a character/pairing/series I'm familiar with, and a single word, and I will write a line of fic. (The definition of "a line" here seems to have some give to it. Right now it appears to be "a line with that word and a paragraph to go around it.") Feel free to choose from, uh... anything I may have mentioned at some point. Doesn't have to be something I've previously written. We'll throw it against the wall, etc.

Fandom! Unite! Like Voltron! With cougar face feet! Or something!


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