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[ profile] taraljc posted the following delightful meme: Which clips, if seen on endless repeat and from absolutely any source, would give some impression of what it's like to live inside our heads?

I could not find the Homer Simpson's Brain Has Olde-Tymey Cartoons That Play "Turkey in the Straw" on YouTube...but this answer is probably more honest anyway:

[ profile] piecesofalice is having a hard day, so based on the following photo:
Tess Harper and her awkward like-a-son Garret Dillahunt )

I give you...pancakes.

A little made-up story about the day before the SAG Awards; it's like RPF only...ridiculous and about brunch )

ETA for [ profile] anxietygrrl, who is Helping America tonight:

"Dear...A. Girl...keep reachin'...a-for the cherries! There you go, my friend."

And so on. In that manner.

*Shane West guitar solo, y'all!*
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My friend Aim was kind enough to text me not long after hearing Stevie B's "Because I Love You (The Postman Song)" on my hometown's AM radio station. Oh, the hilarity's just starting. Then, in a stroke of genius, Aim e-mailed me a link to the video.

1) Compare the pink tone of the video to that of my [ profile] geigergrade Richard Marx icon. The early '90s? Apparently bathed in this color at all times.

2) his hair? I'm so puzzled? Is that a Jheri-hawk?

THEN, after I told Aim I had a Richard Marx icon as pink as the Stevie B video, she e-mailed me back: Dude, all of those sentimental-tacky-crap videos from that era have that pink-tinge to it. Case in point: Timmy T's "One More Try" (with Portuguese subtitles!)

1) I don't know what is more marvelous: the mustard suit jacket/turtleneck combo or the white or extremely stonewashed (name of my '80s/'90s tribute band) jeans.

2) "Hi, my name is Timmy T! I'm very pink-tinted! And I am NOT Tommie Page, so stop asking me."

A poll shall follow the posting of these pictures:
Which of the following Cubs is the hottest? )

My boss is out of the office! A poll! )

My boss is out of the office: a meme thanks to [ profile] elspethsheir!
Leave your name here and I will tell you why it's awesome to have you on my flist!

If the Internet gods were truly looking out for me, someone out there would have made screencaps of the Judging Amy boys in their tuxedoes. More specifically, of Richard T. Jones and Tim Omundson. More specifically than that, of Tim Omundson when his tie was undone, a shot of whiskey in his hand, making smoke rings with his cigar. Last but not least: Judging Amy! )


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