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Back from Wisconsin for a few days of Not-for-Profit Jamberooing. But it's all worth it to introduce you all to the Cubs, in tandem with [ profile] cdeacon. And hopefully, this will help them win tonight at The Cell. Because I jinxed them yesterday by tuning in to WGN Radio in the ninth inning.

So if you like big men, slightly frightening men, Muppety men, ridiculously gorgeous men, Jersey men, or, you know, baseball, let's get to know...

The infield )

The outfield )

And now some of the pitchers:
Beginning with Carlos Zambrano, My Future Husband... )

Hope you enjoyed getting to know the Northside boys. I know I've enjoyed fantasizing about what it would be like to be Mrs. Carlos Zambrano...if Geo won't have me...just kidding, Z! And many, many thanks to [ profile] cdeacon for obsessing with me.

Go, Cubs, Go!
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I know a lot of you don't care about baseball, but you do care about me and my mental well-being. So if you would, please, keep Tedward "Ted" Lilly in your thoughts and prayers as he faces the D-Backs tonight.

Guys. Look at his solemn, sweet face. I'm not even requiring you to wear a ribbon or forward this on to your friends (yet).

Were you aware that one out of one Ted Lillies is in danger of not being cheered on properly? Shocking. But true.

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts and donations of soup, cheek patting, and bubble gum (he likes the pink kind).

I have to say: these Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers are delicious, particularly the beef merlot kind. They have adult-sized servings of veggies! They have flavorstuffs!

I'm just saying, they kick the crap out of many Lean Cuisine options.

But not the paninis. Those things are flash-frozen crack.

Normally I don't go in for loud humor (for example, Cheri Oteri = punch in face; Lewis Black = sometimes punch in face), but for some reason, Tracy Morgan shouting "SAMSON!" and shoving Kenneth and Prince Pee-Wee's "Thank you all FOR COMING TO MY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" from 30 Rock delight me to no end.

30 Rock! It's on tonight! And don't eat my blood cookie!
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Oh, Spader. Not everything can be Secretary.

Courtesy of Aim: the trailer for Tuff Turf, which is 2 1/2 minutes of pants-wetting hilarity.

HE'S A REBEL... with a cause! Seriously like James Dean! He even has a vaguely gay BFF! Only without the emasculated dad, plus some singing and dancing! And bicycles? And bulky cable-knit sweaters? And...never mind.

Enjoy every chain-fence scaling, not-remotely-dangerous, shirtless young Spader, eyelinered RDJ, 10-speed-centric moment of it.

My e-mail exchange with Aim follows:
If Amy and I were royalty, we would *totally* have a court artist... )

I think I might have to write a story about Richard Marx and Timmy T living in the Pink California Sky world with the Wakefield Twins. That's some good stuff.

I don't want to work. I just want to go home, hole up in my room, mourn Tedward Lilly's sad loss to the Marlins (just that one inning! Oh, Tedward! If only those bloop hits hadn't been followed by doubles!), and watch things and stuff. Or write something...about...something.

Something besides Pink California Sky world.

Every time I try to write something based in Psych world, it ends all awkward and not sexy. It's more poignant and high schoolish and makey-outy. What's up with that?

Also, I just had to register my shock re: Kief's DUI. Kief? Him? What? Never! Shocking. Shocked...shock...I am registering.


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