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The Kates had friends over for New Year's Eve. We ate Ray-Ray's fake-bake ziti, fondue (with Nutella!), and drank.

I have come to the conclusion that even in moderation, I am no longer built for hard liquor. Three or four Maker's and Diet Coke (give or take a few glasses of white wine and champagne) and my stomach is miserable this morning.

What? Oh, afternoon.

Anyway, it's not like I'm barfy. Just uncomfortable.

And it's continuing to snow (no reference to Rent intended).

So: perfect excuse to peruse the Yuletide New Year's Resolution list and start one or two lines of stories one will never finish, eh?

Anyway: big props to my author, elsandry. Because it was my first year making a request, I didn't know how this thing works (goodbye, folks!) and gave her nothing with which to do much of anything. She had to come over to my not-linked-to-the-site Yuletide Letter, read my ramblings, et cetera. The result: awesomeness. She's clearly one in a million.

My story was "When Gus Met Shawn (And She-Ra)". [ profile] kattahj, I hope that it did what you wanted for Gus, who clearly loves pop culture and sugar and Shawn (perhaps not in that order). I'm sort of embarrassingly into other aspects of the show, so...

But I love Gus and Dulé! It was fun to write! And I bought He-Man/She-Ra Christmas on DVD during my Black Friday shopping rampage, so I sort of robbed from RL experience.

Now that The Reveal is over, I also rec the story I was blessed enough to beta, [ profile] piecesofalice's profane and lovely Al and Dan (but not Al/Dan...because eek) story, "The Most Faithful of Reminders".

Okay, I'm off to attempt to write Celia/Nancy for Weeds!

Or maybe just eat Maalox and stare at Anchorman for a while.

Eek! Also, thanks, [ profile] aj, for visiting our pad AND taking Kate and myself on a mini-tour of Devon! Yay! So much fun to talk fandom and roommate stuff and just whatevs with you. Sunday, man!!!
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Last night's Psych: I'm not one to turn my nose up at a myriad of lyric jokes (including one that included "lyrical gangsta"), '80s fashion jokes, and a confused Gina Gershon calling Lassiter "Mr. Bean" and "Tony Randall," but...the characterizations seemed off. Both Gus and Lassiter were nearly as WACKY!!! as Shawn, which was weird.

However, Tim Curry was, as always, deeeeee-lightful.

Two-Headed Beast: The Conclusion--featuring eye gouging and nekkid Dan butt )

Well, there it is. Making one of these things from one's own screencaps is a lot of work! I am so impressed by peeps who do this on a regular basis. I'm especially in awe of [ profile] mspooh, who used to do huge The Unit picspams. Which must have seemed like a big ol' punishment at times. I mean, this is Deadwood. It's fun, even when it's grody (CON STAPLETON).

And because I can, I leave you with The Surround Sound Salmon-Colored Undadrawer Experience:
Cut for sensitive eyes... )
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When last we left our intrepid heroes, they were drinking tea...oh, and just a warning, get ready for Earl Brown smeared in KY Jelly... )

I realized that I didn't get all of the final 15 minutes worth of screencaps from the FTP site, so I will finish up tomorry. I'm tired and want to watch Psych. Hooray!
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Yay! [ profile] morganaus is back from Domino's Pizza Republic. Or something!

And [ profile] kalinichta has been new jobbin' it for approximately two weeks (give or take)!

Deadwood, Season 3, Ep 5: A Two-Headed Beast picture essay part 1: not too spoilery, but full of gore and shirtless Steve the Drunk... )

Part 2 when I get my ass home!
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I made the mistake of starting ep 11 of Deadwood last night at 11:30 p.m.

I finished up the last of Deadwood around 1 a.m. I had to pause the eps a few times to get a drink of water, go to the bathroom, stop crying--you know, the uzh.

So instead of focusing on any of that, because maybe I should watch those two eps again one last time to make sure I didn't miss anything, I give the end of Brooklyn South!

True, in quality, it was not comparable to Deadwood. David Milch grew in ambition and un-Bochoness between Brooklyn South and Deadwood. But one area where Brooklyn South is triumphant? The Chest Hair Triangle of Doom aka The Sternum Bush. Obsoive:

Dickie Santoro! I've always loved you, but now my feelings are rather complicated!

Aah. That's better.

Good night, sweet soapy NYPD princes )

I'll miss this show. Deadwood is a different story. One not easily explained with sternum bush.


Anyway, I saw a baby duck paddling around the corporate pond today, yards and yards away from his mom and siblings. He reminded me of my brother, who used to hide out in the tires during recess in Kindergarten to stay out past the bell. Baby ducks!


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