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You guys, look what happens when Victor is in LA without Tim: unfortunate, unfortunate shirt.

Tim and the poms never would've let that happen. I hope that when Tim moves to LA, he keeps a tighter leash on his honey.

Because I'm not so much on self-flagellation, I'm not going to do a whole picspam about the LOCI finale. But I will say that despite his best efforts...

John Glover cannot ruin Milky Ways for me. Or Rolos. Sweet...sweet Rolos. So full of caramel. Wish I had Rolos right now.

The beauty of Eames, the boyishness of Goren, and NO LACE, MRS. BENNETT, I BEG YOU: LOCI 7x22, Frame )
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The subtitle of this post? "Oh, Lordy...[ profile] kirbyfest was right (and that's not the first time we'll be hearing that)."

So I happened to watch two eps that were thematically linked. It was an accident, as everything is in my Watch LOCI Horrifically Out of Order Adventure.

First, 6x12, "Privilege," aka Richard Kind is Always Guilty aka The One After "The War At Home" aka Doris Roberts: Because Glynis Johns Wasn't Available:

Hey! Did you know Goren has Mom Issues? Also: Eames and Her Little Black Dress )

Then...oh, then...7x03, "Smile" aka Fred from Angel is the Least Convincing Exec Ever aka KIRBYFEST IS RIGHT OH GOD SHE'S RIGHT SEASON 7 IS ABOUT THEM BREAKING UP!!!


Hey, remember season 2, when the grossly tan vet in the Speedo wouldn't stop hitting on Eames?

Good times! Good...


Let's have a fun poll!
LOCI Crazy: What To Wear Edition )
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1) I keep seeing a headline in my Yahoo! Entertainment news that makes me laugh inappropriately: "Nick Hogan Turns 18, Treated Like a Man."

As a fan of the documentary series Oz (whenever I share my knowledge about prison life, this is how I cite), I bet he got treated like a man. All the way. Hopefully not with a spoon like Robson or, um, with a Beecher bite like Robson (poor Robson; prison sex just was not kind to that man).

2) I started watching the LOCI Ep I Have Seen So Many Times, I Should Be Able to Recite It, 2x05 "Bright Boy". And I was deeply tickled by the following exchange:
Goren: The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. It tests social adjustment.
Eames: I remember this. We had to take it the last year of high school.
Goren: So did we.
Eames: How'd you do?
Goren: I had to go to my counselor's office and have a talk with the school shrink. What about you?
Eames: I was so well-adjusted they voted me prom queen.

And Goren's look after she says that is priceless.

3) Continuing my obsessive pursuit of The D'Onof: romantic lead... okay, the following link is NSFW because:
3a) it involves sex
3b) Tracey Ullman
3c) Tracey Ullman simulating sex

So you know what it involves. If you watch it, I don't want to see any typity-typed pearl clutching.

Here's the deal: The Deal About Household Saints )

4) Um, on that note? Less a picspam than a series of pictures that make me also feel flushed and confused: Jason Wiles as (stealing all adjectives from [ profile] upsy_daisy) the pragmatic, scruffy, sexy, charming, and slightly assholish Eps on last night's ep of In Plain Sight.

I'm a cop, you jerk! )
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Take that, Levine.

Brunch plans with [ profile] morganaus (playing Florence N. back in Cleves) and [ profile] upsy_daisy (working for a living, living and a-working, taking what Huey Lewis is giving...) fell through, so Kate and I had a nice romantic Sunday lunch/brunch at Cafe Selmarie. We had mimosas and food and then enjoyed Lincoln Square's sidewalk sale (lots of shoes, K.).

Speaking of [ profile] upsy_daisy: oh, Bosco. Seriously: Faith is right to mock.

I promise I'll get help! )

In baseball news: I guess Ron Santo said of Mighty Mike, "Little Babe Ruth, big boy."



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