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Remember my post about love and obstacles and whatnot? Remember when I mentioned the current situation on ER:

Is it possible to squee and sob at the same time? Squobbing? I am doing that, thanks to [ profile] anxietygrrl.

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"Another Thursday at County." Even the writers are tired of it. Right? 'Cause they're certainly not trying to be funny about how every week, some pseudo-explodey shocking thing happens, while in the b-plot, some pseudo-current event related-but-not injury happens (this week: woman changing locks on foreclosed houses can't afford day care, so she brings her son along while crushing American dreams because the economy is like one of those snakes that eats its own tail and also they fell through some floorboards and shit), while ER introduces yet another character with a haunted past (related to a pseudo-current event like a tsunami).

Another Thursday, indeed. Wokka wokka wokka.

AND ANOTHER THING! BITCH BITCH BITCH! Also: I do not have a crush on Archie Morris )
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Right on, Liz Lemon. Right on.

See, guys? This is why, when my love of baseball died a natural girly death when I went away to college, I didn't miss baseball. The gnawing disappointment, the spooky feeling that you, and you alone, are controlling the fate of your favorite team, the crushing and agonizing overinvolvement that you KNOW is ridiculous, but you just can't STOP CARING and WISHING THEY HAD FINISHED DEAD LAST LIKE THE TWINS IN '93 SO THAT IT WOULDN'T HURT GOD THE PAIN.

I am eating a giant slice of sausage pizza to numb the Feelings, invalid as they are. [ profile] aj and I walked over to Corner Pizzeria where the speakers blare Sinatra at all hours. Even 8:00 a.m. when CP isn't open. This morning, an African-American mother of two burst out the door of CP during non-business hours (I'm guessing she either owns it or sets them up with breakfast muffins or something) and said in a tone that was either facetious or earnest, "Don't you just LOVE this music?"

I mean, yes, I do. But every morning with the "My Way" or "Fly Me to the Moon." A girl has her limits.


(several bites of subpar giant pizza later)

Okay, so then I watched P-Run.

This is a conversation I believe happened in the Hamptons after the airing of last week's ep...

Tim: Victor?
Victor: Yes, honey?
Tim: I know you're trying to be supportive, and I appreciate that you went through all the trouble to glitter paint the UP YOUR ASS, YOU DISRESPECTFUL WHORE sign, but...well, I'm her teacher and...
Victor: Tim, I told you that when you look over the tops of your glasses like that, it only makes me want...
Tim: Oh, stop. And for God's sake, please take the effigy of Kenley down from the kitchen doorway. Jen and Violet are coming over later, and we don't want to give her nightmares.
Coco Chanel the Pom: *bark bark!* (roughly translated from Pom: But Daddy, she IS a disrespectful whore!)

After this week's ep? I don't know, maybe Heidi will come over, she and Victor will get drunk on a few bottles of good syrah, and the effigy will go back up. After all, Jen and Vi can't be in New York forever.



The pizza isn't helping. Maybe if I make an effigy of Kenley.

But seriously, in hilarious news, if you like laughing about and loving Horatio Caine, this is one of my favorite posts from last week. Genius.

Also, if you love random shots of TITUS being all TITUSy, [ profile] piecesofalice provides them in the comments of my recent lazy picspam of Life.

Be grateful you will not hear from me tomorrow, as I will be at the Gomez concert, trying desperately to earn good karma by being happy and involved in Not Cubs related life activities.
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Courtesy of [ profile] piecesofalice: Carla Gugino, looking flawless and caramel-eyed and like she might enjoy having a scotch and a vigorous hair-brushing.

Seriously, isn't that dress so pretty? Isn't her skin amazing? And her hair? And those...nose? / MST3K

FYI: as [ profile] taraljc and Pieces have so aptly demonstrated, if you have a Carla sighting, the best thing to do is send me a link right away. So that I can hide the pictures of Maggie Lawson that I was looking at.

And speaking of that Righteous Kill movie, you know, I haven't asked her, but that is one of those movies that Duse would be way more excited for than me, but I'd go with her, and then end up enjoying it. It's funny, but Duse just called my cell the other day to mention a quote she remembered from The Hours, a movie she was passionately in love with (clearly, with the quoting...dude, I remember jack and shit from that beyond Ed Harris being Sensitive and Nicole Kidman having a falsie schnozz), and it reminded me that sometimes her enthusiasm and observations make me see a film a new way. Or want to see a film at all. Or rewatch a film I previously decided to be lukewarm about.

In spite of my razzing of There Will Be Blood, Duse really liked it in a very enthusiastic, unpretentious way, enjoying the score and the performance PERFORMANCE! of DDL. I was therefore forced to admit, beyond my "stylized" jokery, that the reason I didn't like There Will Be Blood, besides feeling a little overwhelmed by DDL, was that unlike other PT Anderson films, TWBB was about the absence of love. It was this dark portrait of an inhumane and destructive man who ruined every bit of love and humanity around him, whereas Boogie Nights, Magnolia, and Punch-Drunk Love were all about the "ranks of the freaks who suspect they could never love anyone" finding just that, belonging, loving with an open heart. Sometimes being hurt or embarrassed or addicted to coke so their giant dingdong won't work, but in the end: love.

Dude, even No Country for Old Men had the light in the horn. And that was a COEN BROTHERS movie.

Nerd alert. Nerd alert. Okay, I'm done now.

Psych! I'm actually going to talk about how I watched Thumbsucker last night/in the wee small hours of the morning.

But first, P-Run: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha MICHAEL KORS I DON'T CARE THAT YOU'RE A TANGERINE-TINTED BUFFOON! YOU CALLED SUEDE OUT ON THE THIRD-PERSON THING! HUZZAH HAPPY DAY! And that Kenley...jiminy, disregarding Timothy and Nina Garcia's bitchface? Calling Heidi ridiculous? Check out the brass ovaries on that Bettie Page wannabe.

Blayne's design did look like fabric poop. And while I didn't get Jerrell's, I felt vindicated that Tim's prediction that if J. executed that the judges would love it was right on.

And then on to Thumbsucker. You know, this is a great segue from P-Run to this movie, because it sort of made me feel like Tim (and not in a planning-a-soiree-at-my-Hampton-digs-with-Victor-who-yelled-at-the-poms-for-chewing-up-a-rare-Assassins-vinyl-so-Tim-felt-bad-and-bought-them-kidneys way). Like, I took a step back from the movie and saw things I liked, and I saw what the filmmaker was attempting to execute, but the hem was a little jacked and maybe if you lost the fur know?

Spoilers of a general movie variety )

I don't know. Anyone seen it who remembers it ([ profile] morganaus!)?

Uh, and less spoilery than...well, D'Onofy )

ETA: Dear Alex Blagg: marry me.
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You guys, look what happens when Victor is in LA without Tim: unfortunate, unfortunate shirt.

Tim and the poms never would've let that happen. I hope that when Tim moves to LA, he keeps a tighter leash on his honey.

Because I'm not so much on self-flagellation, I'm not going to do a whole picspam about the LOCI finale. But I will say that despite his best efforts...

John Glover cannot ruin Milky Ways for me. Or Rolos. Sweet...sweet Rolos. So full of caramel. Wish I had Rolos right now.

The beauty of Eames, the boyishness of Goren, and NO LACE, MRS. BENNETT, I BEG YOU: LOCI 7x22, Frame )
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The subtitle of this post? "Oh, Lordy...[ profile] kirbyfest was right (and that's not the first time we'll be hearing that)."

So I happened to watch two eps that were thematically linked. It was an accident, as everything is in my Watch LOCI Horrifically Out of Order Adventure.

First, 6x12, "Privilege," aka Richard Kind is Always Guilty aka The One After "The War At Home" aka Doris Roberts: Because Glynis Johns Wasn't Available:

Hey! Did you know Goren has Mom Issues? Also: Eames and Her Little Black Dress )

Then...oh, then...7x03, "Smile" aka Fred from Angel is the Least Convincing Exec Ever aka KIRBYFEST IS RIGHT OH GOD SHE'S RIGHT SEASON 7 IS ABOUT THEM BREAKING UP!!!


Hey, remember season 2, when the grossly tan vet in the Speedo wouldn't stop hitting on Eames?

Good times! Good...


Let's have a fun poll!
LOCI Crazy: What To Wear Edition )
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1) I keep seeing a headline in my Yahoo! Entertainment news that makes me laugh inappropriately: "Nick Hogan Turns 18, Treated Like a Man."

As a fan of the documentary series Oz (whenever I share my knowledge about prison life, this is how I cite), I bet he got treated like a man. All the way. Hopefully not with a spoon like Robson or, um, with a Beecher bite like Robson (poor Robson; prison sex just was not kind to that man).

2) I started watching the LOCI Ep I Have Seen So Many Times, I Should Be Able to Recite It, 2x05 "Bright Boy". And I was deeply tickled by the following exchange:
Goren: The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. It tests social adjustment.
Eames: I remember this. We had to take it the last year of high school.
Goren: So did we.
Eames: How'd you do?
Goren: I had to go to my counselor's office and have a talk with the school shrink. What about you?
Eames: I was so well-adjusted they voted me prom queen.

And Goren's look after she says that is priceless.

3) Continuing my obsessive pursuit of The D'Onof: romantic lead... okay, the following link is NSFW because:
3a) it involves sex
3b) Tracey Ullman
3c) Tracey Ullman simulating sex

So you know what it involves. If you watch it, I don't want to see any typity-typed pearl clutching.

Here's the deal: The Deal About Household Saints )

4) Um, on that note? Less a picspam than a series of pictures that make me also feel flushed and confused: Jason Wiles as (stealing all adjectives from [ profile] upsy_daisy) the pragmatic, scruffy, sexy, charming, and slightly assholish Eps on last night's ep of In Plain Sight.

I'm a cop, you jerk! )
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Take that, Levine.

Brunch plans with [ profile] morganaus (playing Florence N. back in Cleves) and [ profile] upsy_daisy (working for a living, living and a-working, taking what Huey Lewis is giving...) fell through, so Kate and I had a nice romantic Sunday lunch/brunch at Cafe Selmarie. We had mimosas and food and then enjoyed Lincoln Square's sidewalk sale (lots of shoes, K.).

Speaking of [ profile] upsy_daisy: oh, Bosco. Seriously: Faith is right to mock.

I promise I'll get help! )

In baseball news: I guess Ron Santo said of Mighty Mike, "Little Babe Ruth, big boy."

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HAHAHAHA! The AFI's tribute to unabashed horndogging and long-lost potential Warren Beatty! "Jack Nicholson! Robert Downey Jr! Al Pacino! Bill Clinton! And more!" SHOT OF QUENTIN TARANTINO ONLY! I suppose I shouldn't love that so much. Especially in the face of having just looked at Jack Nicholson, in his shades, laughing it up like the monstrous egotistical camera hog he is. But still and all: burn. Burnity burn, Snorts Coke Off Thai Hookers.

IPS. On the one hand: good performances by the guest stars; Mary and Marshall stuff is HILARIOUS, particularly the Back to the Future discussion; Fred Weller in jeans.

On the other: oh, my, the awkward levels of preachiness and ham-handed handling of Issues and Mary's Father Issues. BLAH.

Could someone write me the missing Awkward Make-up Scene? It doesn't necessarily have to have sex in it. I swear.


Third Watch: Hey! Heard LOCI was a bit of a letdown tonight. So. Tell ya what. (straps on hobnail boots) This might hurt a bit.


TY! Sully! TY!!! TYYYYYY!!!!

Also: Bosco's hair:

That cowlick is my favorite thing ever. That and his grand romantic heart that he coats in a crunchy layer of pain-in-the-assery and bigotry.

Does it make me kind of a creep if I say that kid and dog were both kind of doomed by the whole "survival of the fittest" thing? I mean, honestly.

ETA: Let the hobnailing continue )
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Hi! I'm back!

1) YES.

2) While I've always loved Bon Appegeek, sometimes it's at its funniest and most engaging when things don't go Annie's way: chiffon cake = *frowny*

(BTW, our utilities, gas and electric, for this 2 BR, are probably about $250 a month at their HIGHEST in the winter)

3) Sam's Greatest Hits on Burn Notice.

Siiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh. I missed you, Internet.
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Back from Wisconsin for a few days of Not-for-Profit Jamberooing. But it's all worth it to introduce you all to the Cubs, in tandem with [ profile] cdeacon. And hopefully, this will help them win tonight at The Cell. Because I jinxed them yesterday by tuning in to WGN Radio in the ninth inning.

So if you like big men, slightly frightening men, Muppety men, ridiculously gorgeous men, Jersey men, or, you know, baseball, let's get to know...

The infield )

The outfield )

And now some of the pitchers:
Beginning with Carlos Zambrano, My Future Husband... )

Hope you enjoyed getting to know the Northside boys. I know I've enjoyed fantasizing about what it would be like to be Mrs. Carlos Zambrano...if Geo won't have me...just kidding, Z! And many, many thanks to [ profile] cdeacon for obsessing with me.

Go, Cubs, Go!
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Kate and I watched Gavin DeGraw's new video on VH1 on Sunday.
1. He don't want to be oh chariot, guys. He do want to be Adam Levine, judging from the production on the single. Do they all go to the same recording studio?
2. That hat? Really? Really?
3. Kristin Z.Cavaricci from Laguna Beach? Really? Really? Though she really sells the lingerie montage. She's no Heidi Maytag from The Hills, but I guess she's good enough for a Dane Cook of Pop Music vid.

[ profile] piecesofalice took time from her busy manifesto writing (which she's crafting in her underground bunker, by the light of a candle crafted from beeswax she harvested herself) to write a Charlie and Dani from Life go to Target fic: The Zen of Target.

So that makes:
[ profile] firthgal, Kelly/Andy, The Office

[ profile] kirbyfest, Jarod/Miss Parker, The Pretender

[ profile] anxietygrrl, Ray/Neela, ER

[ profile] lolitalolita, Harold/Andy, Everwood

Lassiter/Juliet, Psych (and you know, someone besides me? More than welcome to write them going to Target too! Really! I'd also buy you a Mariah Carey unicorn if'n you do!)

and [ profile] piecesofalice, even though she thinks the Internet was created by demons, all officially cooler than you.

Hurts, doughnut?

(I don't think [ profile] anxietygrrl knew what she was starting with this. MY THIRST FOR TARGET FIC CANNOT BE SLAKED. "SLAKED?" THAT'S A WORD, RIGHT?)

ETA: I'm watching an old ep of L&O:SVU on USA (Character of the Month? Jay Z), and someone just told Olivia to "stop chasing phantom sex crimes."

Phantom Sex Crimes? Totally the name of my new band. And my stage name is going to be Benson's inconspicuous alias Persephone James.
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So spaketh Harry: " I love that you get a little crinkle above your nose when you're looking at me like I'm nuts."

I even let Shawn be in this one: 2x02, 65 Million Years Off Redux )
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Happy, happy birthday, [ profile] piecesofalice!
A day early! Or a week early? I think! Australia is in a different time zone than Chicago, right? Or a different calendar year? Or...your birthday really isn't on St. Patty's Day and is, instead, later in March?

The Pancake Flight

No Country for Old Men, Mrs. Bell and Wendell )

Life, Ted and Dani )

Psych, Lassiter/Juliet )

Here's hoping you have another year full of rakes and "tl;dr old men are hot" posts.


I was all set to be in a prepatory PTSD way about Robin Hood.

Then I saw this...Whitesnake, y'all. Guy/Marian vid set to Whitesnake.


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